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Sunday, November 8, 2015

looks who's 40...

Today is  actuallys Chris's 40th Birthday. Chris is a firefighter and LOVES his job. Yesterday my parents and I went to brunch with Chris and his wife Kristie. It was awesome I was so excited to give him my gift I have been working on this gift for awhile. Chris's 40 gifts: Cupcake, Pillow, Shot glasses, Break in case of emergency, Beer fire hydrant, Ugly Christmas shirt, Firefighter flag, Flag pole, Luggage tag, Personal towel, Number board game, Crazy socks, Bar. Q, Starbucks gift card, Cuff Links, Pizza ax, Multi screw tool, Night bag, Towel-tries, Beer, Beer bag, Bamboo skewers, Car towel, Car fresher, Gum, Multi tool gadget, Puzzle book, Peanuts, Ketchup, Jerky bites, Pistachios, BBQ sauce, Spicy sauce, Duck tape, Scrabble frame, Jack Daniels soap bottle, Firefighter candy Dish, Firefighter survival bag, and a movie. Once it was over and we headed back home I smiled all day it was such a great day!             Chris opening his gifts...

Chris does not like to smile but he sure did smile that day

He loved this so much Chris even said"This one is going in the bedroom"

He could not believe it. It just kept going

Trying to keep it together
Overwhelmed ... Happy Birthday Chris!!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fireman Scrabble

Who wants to play Scrabble? Thats what I did, but in stead of using the board use a black background and come up with words that describe a person. You will also need a shadow box many, many, many Scrabble letters and some glue. My person who I am describing is my cousin Chris. Chris is a Portsmouth Firefighter he is amazing in every way. Words that I used to describe Chris: Bell, Badge, Boots, Helmet, Squad, Hose, Axe, Ladder, Water, Mask, Air, Strong, Truck, Caring, Family, Gear, Captain, Bravery, Fire, Rescue, Hero, Ashes, Team, Firefighter, and I add Christopher's name in there too. I also added Nozzle at the bottom with two blank titles. Trying to make this as personal as I can I also added two photos of Chris as well.
Add as many words as you can
Play around with it so none of the words come off your paper

Finished product

November 7th, was a GREAT/AWESOME day!!!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

           Marcie was not very happy when I decided to dress her up in Baileys old costume
Received the top photo from my friend Smurf... I LOVE IT!

Marcie was MAD!

Bailey loved to dress up, but  not Marcie I let her have some of her ice cream for being such a great sport!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkins... Pumpkins

Happy Halloween.. I hope everyone has there costume ready. At my school we had two parties yes two. I also have kids in the afternoon so we painted pumpkins. They where very cute small pumpkins and the kids where able to paint two pumpkins. Have fun its supper easy and very fun!
Finished product

Monday, September 28, 2015

One Cousin Married many more to whitness

Over the weekend my younger cousin Josh married his best friend Bethany. We are all very excited that they are together and can't wait to see them grow and face life together.

Congrats Bethany & Josh